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So, what is cannabis?

Cannabis is the scientific name of a plant from the Cannabaceae family.

With special properties, cannabis was used in ancient cultures to treat many medical issues and is a remedy that is leading in the area of single solution to complex problems.

Until the 1930s, when cannabis was outlawed, cannabis was used as a key component in many remedies around the world, and many relied on it.

The stigma of the last decades by which cannabis is for “fun”‘ has weakened and the demand for medical application of cannabis rises, with proven results and stories of miracles, which are directly connected to cannabis treatment.

Stories and research

One of many examples is the touching story of a Flotilla 13 fighter diving in the Kishon River, who was diagnosed with cancer and told that he had 3-4 months to live. Y. heard about a treatment alternative, made the brave decision to forego chemotherapy and be treated with a special cannabis oil. To everyone’s surprise, in just a few weeks, the tumor in his brain had shrunk by 40%, and eventually disappeared altogether.

Another example is that of a teenage boy from USA, suffering from a particularly acute form of epilepsy, who for years had been treated with many different medications. The boy used to suffer as many as 30-40 seizures a day, and the medications could not reduce the number, frequency, intensity and side effects of these seizures.

Having heard about the cannabis option, the boy’s parents decided to try it, thinking that even the smallest improvement is better than none. And improvement it brought. The many specialists were amazed at it. The boy’s mother decided on her own to post a video on Facebook, where her son is seen in the middle of a severe seizure. In the video, the mother squirted cannabis oil on his nose four times and the impact was visible and almost instantaneous. Within 35 seconds of the oil being absorbed in his system, the seizure faded, the boy relaxed and regained composure. “What you see here is cannabis stopping an epilepsy seizure in a matter of seconds instead of minutes,” she wrote. “For ten years, Austin had taken different kinds of medication with devastating side effects and personality changes, with no respite from the seizures.” She added, “We believe that Austin is alive today thanks to the cannabis treatment he is on for the last three years, during which we have stopped all the other medications. What we do know is what you see in this video, which is that the medications could not stop the seizures and the cannabis could.”

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