1. The company’s services

    1. Planning the farm according to the area and the chosen method, working with leading international professional in the profound learning process.
    2. Writing work protocols and assimilating work processes, including: growing regulations, supervision and control, security and safety protocols, protocols bound by authorities and international standards.
    3. Control and on-going handling throughout the cannabis’ value chain.
    4. Agronomical accompaniment from the very beginning and for as long as the customer wishes. The knowledge we bring is based on a highly professional team with years of experience in agriculture and cannabis.
    5. An annual work plan, including quality inspection and control of the growing system and existing equipment and facilities.
    6. Preparing a report format in order to be able to examine results in all parameters along the way.
    7. Building a smart control system, including quality and control guidelines to track the work throughout the process.
    8. Preparing detailed annual budgets.
    9. Systems of AC, firefighting, safety, electricity, construction and so forth as requested.
    10. Preventive care and on-going maintenance of the on-site systems and infrastructures.


    Milestones in building a cannabis farm

    • The first stage of building a medical cannabis farm is choosing the method and the area dimensions for the proposed farm.
    • Concurrently, the part of locating/approving the genetics occurs.
    • The second stage of building a medical cannabis farm is the architectural and engineering design of the farm.
    • The third stage, which begins before the second stage is completed is planning the facility/farm’s security system.
    • Building a cannabis farm means establishing the security system, the routine and the protocols, building greenhouses and all the farm’s agronomic and growth complexes for appropriate crop at maximum growth cycles obtaining approvals from the authorities, including Israeli Police and so forth.
    • Escorting the farm in processes, feasibility, control, supervision and quality.
    • The company can become an investor in the farm in various configurations.
    • Kali 13 can connect the growers with a factory who will purchase the bulk of their production/crops in advance.
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